Protecting Cryptomator folder from deleting

Hi. Cryptomator folder is on my cloud client (Synology Drive -NAS ) which is installed on my office PC.
Encryption-connectin-decryption with my home PC cloud client works great.
There is still possibility of deleting encrypted folder at the office client by for eg. my funny coworkers.
If something like that happens the deleted files on Cryptomator folder will update on my NAS and i’ll loose all files.
Is there a way of protection against that?

Cryptomator is not a Backup Solution. It’s purpose is to encrypt data, not to avoid loss of data. So if you want to make sure that you do not loose data for what ever reason: backup it with a backup solution.
Or in short version: no. Cryptomator does not offer a backup function.

I share Androsh’s concern: The NTFS file system presently does not provide any protection whatsoever from accidentally deleting files in a Cryptomator vault. Does anybody happen to know how this could be done using a Windows tool, definitely, without interfering with Cryptomator operations?

Thanks for sharing this information, it was quite useful to me.

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