Problem recovering my vault

Good night friends, how are you?
I write because I am having a huge problem.
I had my encrypted vault with a bunch of important files, which was synced to my Google Drive. Likewise, I have saved the recovery key with all the words.
The problem is that my disk broke, so when I reinstall my operating system on a new disk and try to lift my vault from the files I had in Google Drive, the application informs me that the vault has to be updated to a new format before i can access it.
And it asks me for the password to do the migration.
The problem is that it’s been a long time and I forgot the password, and I can’t find it anywhere.
I have some way with the recovery phrase or the files saved in Google Drive to recover, or reset the password to access the vault. Or I don’t know if it is possible to downgrade to a previous version to enter it.
I ask if you can please give me a hand with this, since I have a lot of very critical files inside the vault and I want to die from having lost access!

Thanks in advance and a big greeting.


if you open your masterkey.cryptomator file, you will find a line starting with “version”:
Please tell us the given version number.

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Hello brother, sorry for the delay in responding.
Opening the masterkey.cryptomator file in a notepad, I got the following data:

“version”: 7

There is also another one that says versionMac, but I don’t know if that’s the one you need.

I hope that from this you can give me a hand.

All the best,


Vault Version 7 was App version 1.5.x.
If you install the latest 1.5.x version of Cryptomator, you should be able to change/reset your password without having to migrate tha vault.

After that I recommend to upgrade the app to the latest version and do the migration of the vault format.

Hello brother, thank you very much for your answer!
Could you tell me where I can download version 1.5.x of Cryptomator without having viruses?
I’m afraid to download it from anywhere.

In cryptomators download page you’ll find a button to the release archive.
On page 3 are the latest 1.5.x versions.