Problem innitialization of existing safe


Forgive if my English is approximate, I use an automatic translator.

I come to you because when I want to open my safe with the master key that already exists, cryptomator offers me a new password!

Obviously he shouldn’t ask me for a new one but ask for the old one, and when I enter a new password he tells me that the safe is already installed…

Here are the last logs I have at my disposal, if you need more I will be at your disposal

Thank you in advance


Translated with

12:48:47.162 [main] INFO  org.cryptomator.launcher.Cryptomator - Starting Cryptomator 1.4.11 on Linux 4.19.0-kali5-amd64 (amd64)
12:48:47.271 [main] INFO  o.c.launcher.IpcProtocolImpl - Received launch args: 
12:48:47.528 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  org.cryptomator.launcher.Cryptomator - JavaFX application started.
12:48:47.783 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  o.c.ui.controllers.MainController - Unable to setPreferencesHandler, probably not supported on this OS.
12:48:48.908 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  o.c.ui.controllers.WelcomeController - Current version: 1.4.11, lastest version: 1.4.11
12:49:14.879 [pool-1-thread-1] INFO  o.c.common.settings.SettingsProvider - Settings saved to /root/.config/Cryptomator/settings.json
12:49:25.483 [Thread-0] INFO  o.c.launcher.CleanShutdownPerformer - Goodbye.

Did you clicked on “Create New vault” or on “Open Exisiting Vault”? You need to click on “Open vault” and select the masterkey file.


I obviously clicked on “open an existing safe” hence my incomprehension of the fact that cryptomator still asks me to choose a new password

Besides the masterkey.cryptomator, does your vault contain the folder d? Maybe it has been renamed to something else or is even missing? Well, it shouldn’t be missing because that folder contains all the data (hence the name d).