Precautions when manually migrating to the new vault format from a very old one

Hey guys, I am planning to migrate some old vaults (1.4.15, WebDAV, Win10) to the new vaults (1.6.17, WinFsp-FUSE, Win10). Due to my old vault version and as a precaution I will do this process manually by moving the files out of the old vaults, then uninstall the old cryptomator version, install the new version with WinFsp, create new vaults and then move the files into the new vaults.

I have these questions:

  • Do you see any problems with the above plan as compared to the automatic migration?

  • My current folder and file name/path structure worked fine with the old version. When I move them to the new vaults is there any chance I might get any “disappearing” files in windows explorer due to exceeding max file name or max path length of the new vault format? Will the new vault alert me if going over any limits, or how will I know if something went wrong without checking each file one by one (impossible).

  • After finishing the migration, is a direct vault to vault file copy/move between two unlocked vaults something that works as expected, or it advised to do it indirectly by moving the file out, then lock one vault and unlock the other and move the file in the second one? I will be using WinFsp with Win10/11.

Thank you for the info


No, I would do this as you described it.

No. If you didn’t have length issues in the old vault, you shouldn’t have them with the new format.

You can copy files between the vaults directly.

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I’d like to add that there might be indeed a different behavior with the filename lengths since Cryptomator 1.5.0, see: Vault Format History — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation

The ciphertext filename threshold was increased to 220 characters to avoid excessive shortenings. However, when Cryptomator unlocks a vault on Windows for the first time (I believe since 1.6.0), it will make a “capability check” and see what filename lengths are actually possible on the system.

Creating a new vault and then copying them into the vault manually will definitely make sure that filename lengths won’t be an issue. If it would be an issue (due to the value determined by the capability check), you would get an error message instead of disappearing files.