Portable WebDAV Access

I am loving Cryptomator and am trying to have a solution ready in case I need to access files from a public computer. For example if I need to retrieve an important document at a library, from a work computer, or on a borrowed PC.

I tried portable WinSCP to access WebDAV but cannot browse to it from portable Cryptomator. Also there is no portable version of Cyberduck.

Is there any way to do this that you know of? The Cryptomator app works great for this purpose but I am planning for a situation in which my phone is lost. I also do not think a portable Android or iOS emulator exists.

If portable Cryptomator could establish a WebDAV connection like the mobile app then I think it would work but I don’t expect this to be implemented. Is there a current working solution for this type of situation?

Thank you

As far as I know there is no portable cryptomator solution with direct vault access out there.

Please note: The portable cryptomator app is not supported in this board as there is no official portable cryptomator app. But of course people can create one. You should ask the creator of your portable version, if he is willing to add such a function. (but that’s a lot of work I think)

Hint: technically it is possible on windows machines to mount a webdav connection as network drive in your explorer, and thus establish a direct connection between cryptomator and your online vault. But I was never enabled to establish a reliable connection this way.

Thanks for the tip. Mounting as a network drive in Explorer worked even as a locked down user on a work laptop with the portable Cryptomator linked to from the cryptomator.org download page. Can you describe the issues you had with Explorer mounting?

It was awful slow and did l lead to many timeouts. And sometimes I lost the connection completely.