Please provide notification option if smartphone is charging to unlock vault for Automatic Photo Upload

Automatic Photo Upload does only work if the vault is unlocked, which means for many people that are not digital natives it is not clear that they have to do something in order to make Autmatic Photo Upload work correctly.

As automatic unlocking of vaults during charging will/can probably not be implemented (?) I would like to see an option in the settings menu for Automatic Photo Upload that will provide a notofication in Android System during charging of the smartphne that Automatic Photo Upload requires an authentification in order to unlock the vault to start Automatic Photo Upload.

By providing this little notification that can be activated by demand in the settings menu, it will be much more clearer for users what needs to be done to get the jobe done.

Thanks for your feedback.

After reading your thoughts I think it would be a good first and direct enhancement to provide a pop up dialog when this feature gets enabled with the information how the photo upload currently works.

To provide an reminder when connecting to charger is also an option to think about.

The main idea is to make the auto photo upload really automatically but first we have to create a concept and implement it. The progress can be tracked in this feature: