Photographer Workflow Help Needed

Any photographers here?

I purchased the Onedrive subscription and I also bought the Cryptomator app from Play Store.
So my questions are:

Do you create:
1 vault for ‘Photography’ as a whole, or
Recommend making 2 vaults, 1 for ‘Work’ stuff and 1 for ‘Personal’ stuff, or
1 vault for each project?

I can’t view thumbnails in the Cryptomator app for Android. Any workaround for it? Or some magic workflow?
Note: My exports are in .JPG and my raws are in .ARW (Sony mirrorless camera) formats.

Onedrive sadly does not have .ARW viewer on both its web browser and desktop app. Even though my pc is able to view .ARW format thumbnails when the files are on normal local storage, but when they are on the Onedrive folder, with ‘Always Available’ enabled, it is not shown. So I use Adobe Bridge to generate the thumbnails of raws stored on my Onedrive folder. But if this folder is actually encrypted, how do I generate thumbnails now?

I try to keep it that way that I make as many vaults as necessary but not more. The advantage is

  • you can work together with other persons by sharing the vault (folder) with them.
  • you can distinguish more important from less important data in for example the backup concept.

The bottom line is that I personally prefer one safe too many than too few, but you still have to keep track.

Thumbnails are not yet supported in the Android app. We already have a feature request for this in github: