Photo names at upload


Cryptomator is a winderful software. With one extreme flaw which makes it nearly impossible to use for some things. I have to use boxcryptor until now - hope this will be fixed or I get help.

When exporting Photos from “photos” in iOS, to Cryptomator, the photos are named by the software (I am german) to “Foto #date #time.jpeg”. And for some photos (i have no idea why) boxcryptor even uses the exact time when I want to upload the photos - for all of them. Then they are all called “Foto #date1 #time1.jpeg” which sure is not possible. Therefore I have to rename all the pictures by hand when uploading.

Boxcryptor is thus renaming all pictures at the time of the upload. Which is absolute not wished for as also a problem in some cases (multiple files having same name sometimes - Bosch Measuring App Photos as an example).
I did not find any setting to fix this. And if this is more of a feature - just why? It is the most impractical thing ever. I would be happy to get some help.

Kind regards and thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi. There is already a feature request to edit the file name pattern. Unfortunately this is not implemented yet.

Hey. That is prety good already. Thank you very much for your answer.

But would it not be easier to just use the filenames as which the pictures are already saved on the device, like it is done in android and any other system? ‘IMG_xxx.jpg’ or whatever. Why has it been chosen to use a special filename like “Foto dd-mm-yy hh mm ss.jpeg” and rename the files in iOS? Probably the easiest way to go is to implement an option to to use the original filenames as given by the system. This should be extremely easy and fast to implement - at least I think so. And forecome a lot of problems (As I said, sometimes when uploading a lot of files they are all named the same - which can not be uploaded in the end). Also for a lot of cases it is just disturbing to not have the original filename (photography and edited pics by example) And as every other software I know on iOS is doing it this way, this should be possible with ease. Correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

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