Pcloud iOS vault error

I’ve set up a pcloud vault after the latest Cryptomator update. For the most part everything is working fine, except when I try to move a folder from another directory in the files app. This works flawlessly with other vaults and partially copies the folder to the pcloud vault. It then throws out the following message:
The Operation Can’t
Be Completed.
Couldn’t communicate with a helper

I haven’t seen this before and it occurs on both iOS and iPadOS, but only with the pcloud vault. Do I need the pcloud app installed?

Thank you for letting us know! I must admit though that I couldn’t quite follow everything and wasn’t able to reproduce this since I didn’t know the details. Would you be willing to write a bug report? Issues · cryptomator/ios · GitHub

That would help us out a lot! I just wanted to let you know that copying folders is “buggy” right now and a fix is on its way: Copying folder sometimes doesn't finish completely · Issue #173 · cryptomator/ios · GitHub

But that doesn’t really explain the error message you’re having, so it’d be great to have a detailed bug report.

Sorry for not reporting this correctly. Cryptomator 2.2.0 (882) and iOS 15.4. I actually think this may be in relation to pCloud having some trouble yesterday. I saw reports about the service having intermittent issues causing connection issues so perhaps that’s the issue? It seems to be working ok right now…

I do agree thought that moving folders is a bit buggy and the issue you shared is very like what I was trying (poorly) to describe.