PayPal and Donation Keys

  1. I have trouble donating to the project using the PayPal link on the donation page. Is there an email address or PayPal ID that I can use after directly logging into

  2. Will I receive a donation key if I donate through PayPal instead of Paddle, and if so, how?

No, at least not automatically due to technical limitations. Feel free to write us a PM, though, then we can check it.

@tobihagemann is there a normal paypal id we can link to?

It worked. Thank you.

BUT, now I can’t copy my donation key, so that I can input it into the app.

what stops you from copying it?

I’m not sure, but I was able to both (1) get one through email from the admin and (2) print to PDF, and copy and paste the key from the PDF.

I don’t get it. Do you have problems copying the donation key into the app or is everything ok now? If you have problems, please describe exactly what you do, and what you expect to happen (which doesn’t happen)

Hi, In 2018 I made a donation through Paypal. In the new software there is an option to acquire a donation key if you donate. Since I already donated how do I get a donation key ?
pls let me know … Great software!

Just sent you a direct message! :slight_smile:

Vielen dank Tobias

Tried to reply by e-mail but you mailadres bounces
Therefor reply by message.

my e-mail: <redacted>

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