Partial volume reads

Great app! I was wondering if there’s a way for the desktop app lazily read files in a volume. I want to be able to add a large number of media files to my volume, have them synchronized, but then on another computer only load the files I need.

For example, if I mount a volume from a Google Drive volume, is there a way using crypotmator, or some other tool, to trigger my Google Drive synchronization tool to only download the file I want to read?

You should try on the system where you only want some of your files.
It allows you to directly access and open your Cryptomator vault online and let you pick and download only the files you want to have.

As you can not identified the encrypted files within google drive (means you can not match them with the unencrypted ones), I actually see no way how you specify a partial sync with gdrive.

Ah damn it.
Cyberduck is only available for windows and Mac. So if your second system is also on Linux, my suggestion will not work for you.

No problem. My media server is Mac so it may be useful. Also, it led me to discover , which is a CLI tool that can be used on Linux.

My ideal setup would be setup a lot of media in cloud storage thru cryptomator, then be able to play it ondemand in different locations. Cyberduck could fit the bill I guess, but what would be icing on the cake is if I could integrate this with a media server frontend like Plex. Then I could carry around a USB with a local Plex server that’s backed by my cloud storage collection.