Paid Cryptomator app wont connect to Terra webDAV

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am having trouble accessing Terra Cloud Drive via webDAV on android … On my Windows webDAV-Client (CarotDAV) I can connect without any problems using basic auth. But in the paid cryptomator app I cannot find any way to edit any options. I can just enter the URL, username and password. When I use the same data as in CarotDAV it shows something like “authentication” for less than half a sec and then says “an error has occurred”. I tripple-checked the spelling, tried copy&paste and manual input … everything is correct!

Any ideas? :confused:

Using the Beta app didn’t help either but now I managed to connect using an unencrypted connection by removing the s from https. Ofcourse that’s not a good solution but at least I can now access my files.

Can anyone explain why this is happening or how to fix it?

You can send us a log file to help us investigate your error.
Please go to Settings -> Activate “Debug mode”, try to connect to Terra Cloud Drive with https. After you see the error message “An error has occurred” go back to Settings -> Click on “Send log file”.