Opening files that are directories in specific app

Hello there,

Some applications, like MindNode, store their files as directories with a certain structure inside. These files may have an extension (like MindNode’s *.mindnode). To be able to open such file in the MindNode app you need to feed the entire file to it (i.e. I cannot just go inside the dir and try to use some XML file inside to pull everything into the app).
Cryptomator treats those directories in a straightforward way - just opens them as folders.
There’s no action menu available for such directory to be able to open it in MindNode, which makes it impossible to work with these files on iOS.

Proposal: add action menu to the directory (maybe it’ll even make sense to disregard the extension and let the target app handle everything).

App version: 1.5.0(718)
iOS version: 13.6 (17G68)