OneDrive for Business / German cloud

Connecting to OneDrive for Buiseness (German cloud) does not work. Result is authentication failed.

Devices: Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy S7


  1. Open Cryptomator App, no cloud drives connected yet.
  2. Click on OneDrive -> Microsoft OneDrive Login page appears.
  3. Sign on to OneDrive is successfull. (!)
  4. OneDrive informs that Cryptomator needs access to “all files” and so on. --> accepting
  5. Cryptomator App comes up and states that the autrehtication failed.

Step 4 appeared only once.

Is it a bug or a missing feature?

If you haven’t done it already, please send the log file from the Cryptomator for Android app. Tap “…” at the top-right and select “Settings”. After that, you can select “Send log file” at the bottom. Maybe we can gain some more information on the error message. Thank you!

I had exactly the same issue, Cryptomator Android App crashed when trying the “back” button on the Microsoft page. App was then closed by the OS. After starting it again, I could click on “Business account” and see the folders in OneDrive for Business.
So, apparently the log in did work despite the error message.