OneDrive for Business / German cloud



Connecting to OneDrive for Buiseness (German cloud) does not work. Result is authentication failed.

Devices: Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy S7


  1. Open Cryptomator App, no cloud drives connected yet.
  2. Click on OneDrive -> Microsoft OneDrive Login page appears.
  3. Sign on to OneDrive is successfull. (!)
  4. OneDrive informs that Cryptomator needs access to “all files” and so on. --> accepting
  5. Cryptomator App comes up and states that the autrehtication failed.

Step 4 appeared only once.

Is it a bug or a missing feature?


If you haven’t done it already, please send the log file from the Cryptomator for Android app. Tap “…” at the top-right and select “Settings”. After that, you can select “Send log file” at the bottom. Maybe we can gain some more information on the error message. Thank you!


I had exactly the same issue, Cryptomator Android App crashed when trying the “back” button on the Microsoft page. App was then closed by the OS. After starting it again, I could click on “Business account” and see the folders in OneDrive for Business.
So, apparently the log in did work despite the error message.


I’m not able to login to Office 365 Deutschland OneDrive with both Applications (ios, Android) at all. 2FA is activated. After entering the one time password a message “authentication failed” is shown within the app (ios app: Error Code ‘4’)

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