One webdav server, multiple accounts - get only content of first account

Good afternoon,

I have the following problem: I have single Webdav server with multiple user accounts that I would like to add to the iOS client. I can add the server multiple times with different user accounts without a problem, but when browsing the server I only get the file list of the first added user account.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a webdav server with user account #1
  2. Add the same webdav server with user account #2
  3. Try opening an existing vault or creating a new one through user account #2.

Result: I get a listing of the contents of user account #1 instead of user account #2.

Could you fix this issue?

Best regards

Currently, I can’t think of an obvious reason why this shouldn’t work but I’d have to try to reproduce this for myself as soon as I can.

Some questions in the meantime:

  1. Could you please delete all WebDAV configurations in Cryptomator and then only add one with user account #2? Do you now get a listing of user account #2?
  2. After that, add the configuration with user account #1. Basically, you’ve now added the servers in the reverse order and I’d like to know if this has any effect. Are you able to get a listing of user account #1?

I followed you suggestion, but the problem still exists. I experimented a bit further and it looks like a WebDAV session problem, because the funny thing is that I always use the first added user account, even when I add a second invalid account with a non existing username and password.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Clean up all accounts
  2. Add the first user account
  3. Add a second non existing user account
  4. Try the second account

Results: second account works and shows content of first account.

I’ve got a feeling that this issue is being caused by basic http authentication. I am not sure whether this WebDAV server uses basic http authentication, but I had similar experiences with using a Nextcloud WebDAV server with basic authentication. When using a browser, I was forced to close my browser to be able to log out and to log in as a different user. So maybe this cryptomator problem is related and concerns a basic authentication session persistence issue.

By the way: if you want some testaccounts at this WebDAV server to debug this case, please let me know.

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