Observations - Cryptomator 2.0 ios 15.2

Hello Team, Congratulations on the wonderful upgrade. And thank you.
Just upgraded the iOS APP. Observations below.

  1. For Dropbox, it takes a second or two to display the logged in user. Below is what I see first. This is not the case with one drive which has the username right away.

  2. Is there an icon that has to be displayed or something in the files app? I don’t like this white square. I did restart the iPhone too and it’s the same. Unable to embed a second screenshot as I am a new user.

  3. Is there no auto lock of the vaults after a specified time? Like we had 1 min, 5 mins, etc in the old version. I also tried locking the phone and unlocking the phone shows the vault still unlocked. If vaults are not auto locked, that’s a security concern. I don’t see a setting for this option too, like we had in the old version.

Thanks again.

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Adding the screenshot for the second observation here.

Thank you, @Sandy!

  1. Not sure how to explain that without getting into technical details but this is expected and the implementation of getting the username is different between Dropbox and OneDrive. Btw, it was the same in the old app.
  2. Oh, this is definitely unexpected. I must admit that I don’t know what the reason could be and how to solve it. Maybe someone else has an idea?
  3. It’s indeed a highly-requested feature and it will be a priority in the next year. https://github.com/cryptomator/ios/issues/64 Until then, you can manually lock the vault inside the Cryptomator app.

Thank you Tobias.
For the second observation, just in case someone wants to help, I did try to remove the v2 app, remove the files app, restart the phone and installed files app and then v2, still the same.

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There was an IOS update and updating the phone resolved the icon issue.
Just for information.