Number of files in vault/origin folder different?

Hi folks,
I’m wondering, why the number of files in the vault (meaning the actual files, I’m working with) is way lower then the number of files in the syncfolder (gDrive in my case)?
I’m having two vaults:
First one has 1385 files and 236 folders within the vault and 2369 files and 745 folders in gDrive.
The second one has 1834 files and 365 folders within the vault and 2210 files and 1103 folders in gDrive.

Generally speaking this doesn’t bother me, but the more files in gDrive, the longer the initial sync after a reboot takes, and I guess 3219 + 601 is way faster then 4579 + 1848 to sync.
Is this by design? Or any idea how to “fix”/remove the overhead?

System is: Win10 x64 2004, Cryptomator v1.5.8 and Dokany v1.4.0.1000, sync on 5 clients plus Android App.


Yes, for more info read our docs.