Now I cannot login into Cryptomator on iPad

I have recently updated Cryptomator on Windows from 1.5. to 1.6, - all OK. It also works on Android phone. My vault is on pCloud.
I did not use my iPad for some weeks but now when I try to login into Cryptomator (which I used on iPad before) I get a message "wrong user name and/or password " even before typing password in. typing a correct password after that repeats the message. I am not quite sure what to do next, Please help

Hi. Please check the connection to pcloud that you have configured in the app. Maybe you changed that Passwort the last weeks?
It could also help to delete the connection and set it up again.

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Hi, I did not change user name or password for the cloud for years and likewise I did not change password for the vault. I do not know why it was necessary but I had to delete the connection and set it up again as you suggested. Now it works.