Not able to save Microsoft Word file in Cryptomator

Hello community!

I have a problem with cryptomator working with Microsoft Word.

I have two Macbooks Pro at different locations and I am using Cryptomator to sync wordfiles. One Macbook is on Monterey OS (current OS), the other (older) one on High Sierra. Both are using Office 365. For a couple of months, the older Mccbook is not able anymore to update to the most recent version of Office 365 (OS is not supported anymore). Cryptomator Desktop Apps are on the most current version on both systems. I have been using this setting for years with Cryptomator without any issue.

Word is still usable on the old Macbook (although a warning appears that security updates are no longer available). However, I have noticed that I am not able to save wordfiles in my Cryptomator Vault since then. I can open the word file and edit it, but when I want to save it an error occurs. The error message: „Word cannot save or edit the file. Please ensure that the disk not full, write-protected or damaged.“ (Diese Datei kann von Word nicht gespeichert oder erstellt werden. Stellen Sie sicher, dass der Datenträger nicht voll, schreibgeschützt oder beschädigt ist.) IN addition, Cryptomator is also often crashing on the „old“ system.

Workaround of the problem is to save the word file to the desktop and move it afterwards on cryptomator. THis works but is somehow extremely annoying.

Of course the problem is most likely related to Word and that I am not able to update to the most recent version of Office 365. However, I don‘t want to buy a new computer just because of this… The old one is still working perfectly for my purpose (writing wordfiles). I don‘t understand why I am not able to save the word file directly into cryptomator anymore but have to save it on the desktop and move it afterwards to the vault. I also assume that the word files should be compatible (they are actually, as I am able to open them on the other system without any issue).

On the newer computer with MacOS Monterey everything works fine of course.

Has anyone a suggestion how I could solve this issue?

Anyone a suggestion? I am still facing the problem. I would highly appreciate your help!

Cryptomator 1.6.5 requires MacOS 10.13 or newer. Do you meet that requirement on your old macbook?

Yes, the old one is running high Sierra (Mac OS 10.13, latest security update).

Are you using FUSE or WebDAV as the virtual volume provider?

Nonetheless, the process should not crash :thinking:. Is something written to the log file when it happens?

I am using WebDAV.

Will check the log file and get back to you. THANKS!

@infeo : After your question as regards the virtual volume provider, I changed the settings on both computers to FUSE. Thought I could at least give it a try if this would help.

Result: For a week now the trouble have all gone. No problems at all anymore to save word files on both devices. No crashes anymore…!

I assume this was the solution of my issue. As simple as it is. Thanks for your help! :grinning:

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