Not able to open folder any more

Hello to everyone,

although I am new in this community, the research group has been using cryptomator for quite a long time. We use nextcloud to share our data and encrypt the data using cryptomator. A week ago, my colleague was not able to decrypt a folder using cryptomator. Now, after some days, she finally managed and is still able to access the data. However, me and the rest of the team are now no longer able to decrypt the folder. When I click on the masterkey and enter the password, an error message occurs. Also, the structure of the folder itself seems to have changed: An additional folder called e and a new file called vault.cryptomator occured. Is anyone familiar to the problem and can help us out?

Thank you so much in advance.

An error message could help.

This folder does not belong to Cryptomator and is not created by Cryptomator

This file is created after the migration to vault version 8, introduced with desktop app version 1.6.
So someone started the migration of your vault.

Please make sure that all clients are fully synced and have the latest Cryptomator version installed.

I cannot say how the folder „e“ endet up in your vault root, but here seems to be something mixed up or someone placed it there by accident. What’s in this folder?