Noob question: opening vault files on browser


I have a CR vault in my google team drive. I understand that the only way to access the vault files is through the CR app. But if I add a csv file to this vault and then i share access to that vault with someone, can they open the csv file in the browser, like csv files on google drive usually do? i.e I want to be able to open a csv file from the inside the CR app, on firefox (as a google spreadsheet), without downloading the csv file to my laptop. is this possible?


Hello to the Cryptomator Community :slight_smile:


The other party needs to fullfill the following requirements in order to open the csv file:

  1. Vault must be accessible over the file system manager (e.g. it is downloaded, or accessible over team drive integration)
  2. Cryptomator is installed
  3. the vault is added to Cryptomator and
  4. they have the vault password to unlock it

Only then and after unlocking the vault, the files in question can be opened. But this holds only for the desktop apps. The mobile applications work a little differently.