No refresh in Win10 after Cryptomator V1.5.16 with Dokany

Hi Cryptomator community,

please can you support me?
After installation of Cryptomator V 1.5.16 with latest Dokany Installation for Window 10 does never refresh in File Explorer or anywhere else.
After creation of a Folder I must press F5 and then “Neuer Ordner” will be visible. If I rename this Folder I must press again F5 and the new Folder name is visible.
This happens in every Windows where file name exists. The same happens with renaming Files. I am nervous, because I must press so often F5. A reboot did Deinstallation of Cryptomator and the Dokany Library does also not help.

Do you now a solution for that problem?

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slight_smile:,

What is the exact version of Dokany you are using?

On my Windows system with Dokany, the Windows Explorer view is updatet everytime a change happens.