New User... Best practices and usage awareness


My primary concern is how reliable is Cryptomator for daily use? Besides that, as a new user, are there any best practices or hiccups to be aware of before I start using it regularly?

Thank you.

The math behind Cryptomator is pretty solid, but you should define what you mean with reliable.
The threat model where cryptomator is build for is the situation that you have limited trust in your cloud provider, meaning that you fear that someone might get access to your cloud storage and read your data. If someone managed to compromise your cloud date while you use cryptomator they only have the encrypted data. So then the only thing that stands between your data and the attacker is the password that you used to encrypt the data.
So since they have access to the “pure” encrypted data they are able to brute-force relatively effectively. So make sure you use a good password, and a good infrastructure to manage good passwords (password manager such as keypass or lastpass).
Also keep in mind that there is NO WAY TO EVER RECOVER YOUR DATA if you lose your password. There is no “forgot password” option with cryptomator (luckly). So make sure your password is good and dont lose it.

No they are not due to KDE function used by cryptomator.
It would take decades to bruteforce this encryption.

Good question. By reliable I would mean whether a bug in the software would make me lose access to my actual decrypted files permanently.