New Solution for GOOGLE

Deploy Backup and Sync in your organization to synchronize local files to Drive on the web, making them available on all your devices. Backup and Sync is the latest Drive sync client. The earlier version, Google Drive for Mac/PC, will no longer be supported as of December 11, 2017.

If that is the case, the annoying way of storing 2 copies of files on the computer will no longer be necessary. Could Cryptomator encrypt files for Google’s “Backup and Sync” solution or their new “Drive File System” without storing encrypted copies, but just decrypt the files when they are downloaded back?

What I am trying to accomplish is use Google Drive service (not software, the google drive software will become extinct on December 11) to backup my entire Disk D for example, it would be possible to do with both googles services “backup and sync” as well as “drive file system” however, Cryptomator seems to be tuned to google drive, how would Cryptomator handle encrypting the entire drive before its backed up to “Backup and Sync,” without storing an encrypted duplicate of each file

We’ve built Cryptomator 1.3.2 yesterday and are in the process of releasing it, which contains improvements necessary to support OneDrive’s Files On-Demand. OneDrive will also not download files until they are accessed.

It is possible, that this Cryptomator version supports any on-demand syncing features of other cloud storage providers out of the box. But only tests will tell. :wink:

As far as I know, Backup and Sync doesn’t include the feature you’ve mentioned. I’ve switched to Backup and Sync many months ago and it’s basically the same as Google Drive. Drive File Stream is currently for enterprises only.

Discussion on Drive File Stream support is here:

i was not talking about OneDrive, I was talking exclusively about Google Drive, where I have unlimited storage and would like to back up my entire 8 terabyte disk, if possible, id like suggestions for synchronization, without having to store encrypted duplicates