New GUI - new pain and unnecessary clicks

Hi there, while I like Cryptomator and also donated for a key, I’m still unsure whether or not I like the new GUI. Because now I have to click three times to get one job done: unlock an existing vault:

  • first click on “unlock”, this brings up the dialog window where I can enter the password (if it’s was not stored before)
  • second click on “unlock” within the dialog window, which finally unlocks the vault; this brings up another window
  • third click on the second window, either to bring up the vault in finder or to finish the operation.

Is there a logic behind changing the former dialog to one where you have to click three times more? I guess I’m waiting for the new Cryptomator CLI to make things easier for me.



I feel with you (and others do also) and it’s already on the list to optimise this.