New files and folders disappear

(I checked older posts but they do not help).

When I create a new folder within another folder or put a file to a folder on a Cryptomator virtual drive, in most cases the newly created object shows up and then, after 2 seconds or so, disappears. I can only make it reappear when I add another object to the same folder. This is so annoying that I even wrote an AppleScript that creates a file with “touch” and deletes it automatically. This helps in most cases, but not always.

Does anyone observe the same and maybe has a solution? I work on a Mac with macos 11.6.2; and no, FUSE is not installed since I want to keep the system as lean as possible.


In the meantime I have installed FUSE, hoping it would help. At first, it looked promising, but today the old behavior (new files and folders disappear from the Finder while I look at them) is back.

Any thoughts?

can’t believe, that this is still there!
I use Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 and was struggeling with switching from encrypting my files with 7z and use cryptomator, but really … the same problem :confused: … if you click “delete” and not shift + delete, the folder/file disappears. if you switch the files to a new subfolder- the files disappear- wtf? I absolutely can’t believe how no one has noticed this before?! good, that at least the users seem to test the software … before I’d upload for months and then would realize, that files are missing because in the meantime I would create maybe new subfolders … what the heck …

this seems to be something absolutely basic. and then asking to consider for a donation. sure …
I’m using the ppa version, idk if this is maybe outdated …