New feature I'd love: photo browser

OK, Cryptomator is one of the most fascinating sftware development projects of the last years. I absolutely love it and already have it on all my devices - Android, IOS, Windows.
Big hugs and thank yous to you developers. This is THE Piece of software I was looking for for a very long time.

Now, one feature that I’m badly missing and that would be absolutely great would be an enhanced photo browser support.
I keep all my photos on dropbox but when encryting with cryptomator, it’s not very easy to operate.
Please enhance the photo support for the IOS and Android app. I’d love the possibility to get previews of my photos and being able to browse through my photos by just swiping.
That would be very handy on the tablet.
Just encrypting my photo archive and being able to access it as usual.

Thanks for your efforts and best regards from Germany.

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Thanks for the kind words and your suggestion! :slight_smile:

The problem with photo preview on mobile devices is that we can not calculate a thumbnail of a picture without decrypting it first. So in order to show thumbs for all pics inside a folder we’d need to download the original files first, which isn’t usually what you want to do via cellular network. :wink:

One approach to this could be to precompute encrypted thumbnails for some common file extensions when the files are added to a folder. This would be a new feature that all apps must support and will not be available for files that have already been put into a vault. It’s worth thinking about, though.