Never Ending syncing

I really wanted to like and use this software, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to. I don’t know what’s going on, but on the 3 computers I have, the files created by the program never, ever stop syncing – even days and days after I’ve shut down cryptomator and haven’t used it… I’m always downloading from the cloud now even though I haven’t touched those files on any computer. It’ll say complete, but then I’ll boot up again, and google will start up syncing all 20k files or more that I encrypted. And only those files. Which means the files that I really needed to have sycned are stuck in the queue behind tens of thousands of files that I haven’t touched in days and days. This recently caused issues when I tried to get to files that I really needed.

Any thoughts on this before I dump the program? And no, it’s not google.I have zero problems with files that weren’t created by cryptomator.

If you do not run Cryptomator, and you are sure that google is not the problem, then an other software is touching the Cryptomator files and change them. Cryptomator files are just files like every other file on you systems. They have time stamps and archive bits. And if something changes it, then google wants to sync them.

To go deeper into this please report the version of cryptomstor you are using, the interface (WebDAV/dokany), if dokany the version of it, your operating system and version.