Migration 1.5.17 to 1.6.14

Hi guys

first, let me say I’m using Cryptomator since a few years now and very happy with it - works just like a charm, never had a serious issue with it.

I’m using it on Windows 10 / OneDrive and still on 1.5.17. Got the feeling it would be time to upgrade to a newer one slowly, which would be 1.6.14 as of now. Therefore just a quick question, do you think the following steps are ok to upgrade without issues:

Backup Crypto-Files
De-Install Cryptomator
De-Install Dokan Library (or this still needed ?)
Install Cryptomator 1.6
Restore Backup files

Thanks very much.

Having a backup of your vault or the files in your vault is always a good idea. Just in case you need to rollback (for whatever reason).
Despite that the update is rather straight forward.

Download the newest Cryptomator version, install it and follow the vault migration process (vault format changes with version 1.6.x)
No need to deinstall dokany or Cryptomator in the first place.

Yes, you still need dokany if you want to use the volume type. You can also install WinFSP and use FUSE as volume type. But that’s optional.

PS: I recommend to do updates more frequently and always keep Cryptomator up to date.

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Thanks a lot Michael.
Upgraded it it worked just like this - as usual :slight_smile:
Had to de-install Cryptomator manually first though - the installer insisted on that.

You are right, should upgrade more frequently, what I normally do.
However, I read something about some manual changes required for the upgrade (which obviously have been integrated into the install process by now), which held me up so far from doing it. :slight_smile:

Again, it was super simple and straightforward.

Thanks again for your feedback & this great tool.

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