Masterkey file and m/ directory deleted. Any possibilty of recovery with just the password?

Hi guys,

I had a bit of an accident with my cloud client software. It started deleting my files on both of my machines at once before I realised what was happening and stopped it. I have no backup. I used some recovery software to get as many files from my vault back as possible but unfortunately it couldn’t recover the masterykey.cryptomator file or the m/ directory. So I’m just left with a lot of the d/ directory intact.

Is there any way to decrypt the files I have left with just the password or should I just accept the loss? I have a pretty strong feeling about what the answer is but I’m being hopeful.

Any advice appreciated

As far as I know there’s now way to decrypt your files without the masterkey file. There’s a backup of this file at the same location. If this files was deleted also, I assume that you have lost your files.

I figured that might be the case. The backup key was deleted as well. It’s so frustrating to have most of the data there but not being able to access it. This was so easily avoidable however so I’m just going to have to learn and move on. Thanks for your reply.

I’m sorry to read that. But be sure, it is also frustrating for thieves and google and all others who want to read your online stored data and find it encrypted and not beeing able to access it :slight_smile:

Although this will not help you, I’d like to point out that Cryptomator is not a backup solution.If you have vital files in your vault, I strongly recommend to back it up (in another place than the vault or online).