Masterkey deletion question

Hi, everyone.

I read about Cryptomator today, so downloaded it to test it. I have a question concerning the masterkey.cryptomator file

The vault has 3 items in it: a folder named ‘d’, a masterkey.cryptomator file, and a masterkey.bkup file.

Of course, to see the actual contents of the ‘d’ folder (vault), I need to open it in Crytomator.

However, it seems that anyone can open the vault folder and delete the masterkey.cryptomator files, correct?

If that happens, then I am unable to decrypt the ‘d’ folder.

The point of an encrypted folder is so that nobody can access the contents, but if a person intentionally deleted the masterkey file from that folder, then I can’t access the data also.

Please enlighten me :smiley_cat: Thanks.


Hi David,

You are correct, if someone deletes your masterkey, you can not unlock your vault.

If someone accesses your vault structure, cryptomator stops them from viewing the contents of your private files. It does not provide protection from “vandalism” or accidential deletion. The ideal use of cryptomator is on a cloud service, in an area of it only you have access to.

Hi, Amiga1200Gamer.

Thanks for replying. So, just to be on the safe side, we could make copies of the two masterkey files in case of deletion, correct?


Sure, but you should in fact backup not only the master key but also the d directory which contains the encrypted files. After all, the adversary could just as well delete this.

If someone with write access wants to harm you he can do it. As Amiga1200Gamer already pointed out, encryption only protects your privacy, it doesn’t make your files invincible.

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Thanks, overheadhunter!