MacOS: use package (bundle) for vault directory so that Finder see it as opaque "file"

Like a .sparsebundle, that is a directory but seen as a “file” in Finder.

you could add this to your Info.plist, under ‘UTExportedTypeDeclarations’ as another array item:

	<string>Cryptomator Vault Directory</string>

For example. On my mac it has changed the directory icon to a cryptomator icon, without the possibility to go inside the directory (except by option click->show package content). It prevent mishap with the encrypted files inside the vault.

Also if double clicking on the vault would launch the Cryptomator App, with the selected vault ready for password to unlock it, it will be perfect!

Thanks for all the good work.

That’s funny because Cryptomator 1.0.0 was EXACTLY like that! :smile:

But we had to change this in version 1.0.3, see GitHub Issue 171 for details.

Sad story.