MacOS: disappearing mount point folders in /Users/username/Volumes

To make sure I can always find them, with a known file path, I like to make my own folder called ‘Volumes’ in my home directory, then set Cryptomator to mount its drives in folders I make within this ‘Volumes’.

At some point in the last year, with an upgrade to MacOS or Cryptomator (or both), my folders in my Volumes started disappearing. In fact, I think it is almost every time I mount, then unmount, an encrypted folder to one of these folders/mount-points, they disappear when unmounted.

I suspect this could be a MacOS ‘helpful feature’, to clean up any unused folders in a folder called Volumes, and no doubt that would be good in the top-level /Volumes folder of the hard drive. But for me it is a nuisance.

Can anyone confirm this behavior and hopefully tell me how to work around it? I don’t want to use another name besides Volumes for this folder if I can help it.