Mac M1 Cannot Lock Vault After Use

I am attempting to transition from Boxcryptor to Cryptomator.

Mac mini M1 MacOS 13.2.1 Cryptometer 1.7.2. Vault stored on Dropbox.

I am having a major problem getting my Cryptomator vault to Lock and Quit after use. Disc icon spins. I cannot even Force Quit Cryptometer. To get my Mac operating again, I have to reboot computer by holding down power button.

How do I resolve so I can successfully use Cryptomator? Can someone help me please?

Use FUSE-T as recommended on the website (and also in the DMG installer). Does that help?

Installing MacFUSE 4.4.2 appears to be the solution. The vault locks without putting my Mac into the “throws of death.” Thanks very much for your direction.