Lost all files during migration

So I was doing this migration thing on mac and the whole system crashed, and now everytime I start the migration thing it gets stuck on the bar (the loading that goes left and right) forever.

This is on google drive

First of all, no worries you didn’t loose anything if migration is stuck. It can be continued from any point and will recognize already migrated files.

So you mean the indeterminate state of the progress bar, before it starts filling up? This state is shown when Cryptomator does a full recursive directory listing of your ciphertext files. Depending on the number of items and the I/O speed it might indeed take a while. Is your vault stored locally or via Googles “File Stream”?

The migration itself appends any migration steps to ~/Library/Logs/Cryptomator/upgrade.log. Before you do anything else, make sure to note the approximate timestamps where the crash happened and see if you find any errors or warnings in the migration log.

You can also send us this upgrade.log but please be aware that it contains the paths leading up to your vault’s storage location. If you don’t want us to see these, feel free to redact them.

OH it’s good to know that I didn’t lose anything.

All my files are synced on file stream, I have just started the “make available offline” to see if ti will fix the issue since theoretically Cryptomator should be able to index and see all files faster. My vault is huge so this could be the reason.