Looking for cryptomator compatible cloud service

Hello everyone!

Currently I am looking for a new cloud provider to use cryptomator with. A few months ago I found a page on cryptomator.org which listed all of the supported providers but now I cannot find it anymore. Anyone have a link for me please?
Or … does anyone know a solution which would satisfy all or as many as possible of these requirements:
1.) servers in Europe (must)
2.) able to create links for sharing data (nice to have)
3.) zero knowledge provider (I want to store some less critical data outside of crytomator vault which should be safe too) (must)
4.) 100% compatible with cryptomator android app (must)
5.) automatic upload-function for pictures taken on my android mobile (VERY nice to have)
6.) supports at least 5 devices per user (must)
7.) if possible not more than 20EUR/month

atm I am using sync.com which can do all this (but work with cryptomator android app) but their servers are located in Canada. Because of the damn EU data law I need to move to european servers :confused:

thanks a bunch for your time :wink:

[edit] I am looking at Tresorit now, but I don’t know if it works with the cryptomator android app

take a look at servicemetric.com, they have a cloud hosted option which uses nextcloud. you can host a cryptomator vault on their webdav hosting service.

Thanks for the hint. I guess I will use Trerra Cloud Drive. It has everything but the automatic foto-upload. But their support said that they are working on that already.