Lock automatically on quit: potentially dangerous?

Am I the only one that thinks this setting is 1. counterintuitive and 2. potentially dangerous and could lead to data corruption?

If you have this disabled, it’s not like cryptomator doesn’t lock open vaults on quit. It just warns you first:

If you have this enabled, all it does is remove the warning dialog. That is, it will lock the vault silently even if another program is reading/writing to the vault.

You could very easily accidentally quit the program and cause data corruption.

Am I missing something here? Why does this setting even exist?

If I am not missing anything, then in my opinion there should be a warning when this is enabled, or the option should be removed.

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Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

If you click “Lock and Quit”, Cryptomator will only lock the vault if there is no application accessing the content of the vault. If there are open file handles, the following dialogue will be displayed

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You misunderstand me. The dialog box is an example of when the setting is disabled. I am talking about this setting. When it is enabled, there is no dialog box
“Lock open vaults automatically when quitting application”

Are you implying that the “some vaults could not be locked warning” will still show even if this setting is enabled (thereby skipping the first dialog box)?

Yes exactly, it is the same with the automatic locking on exit, it shows the “Some vaults could not be locked” dialogue above in this case.