Linux Tray and Shutdown Issues

I am using Cryptomator on Ubuntu 18.04. It would be great if the possibility to run Cryptomator from tray would be added. It is not the most convenient to have it open like any other program and take space away.

Furthermore I have noticed that Cryptomator does not seem to properly shut down with the system. This results in the Grub bootloader showing up everytime I reboot. It would be great if this could be fixed.

We‘ve done a lot regarding tray, launcher and shutdown routines in 1.5.0.

Would you like to test our alpha version? It is available on

Ohh, what have I gotten myself into? Great to see you are so active in the development of Cryptomator. However, I am afraid I can’t put my data at risk and don’t have the time to make separate backups on an ongoing basis.

Unless you migrate an existing vault, your data will not be touched. For testing purposes just create a test vault. That is, if you find time for testing. :wink:

I am sorry Sebastian, I won’t be able to do that. I am using Cryptomator on a live machine used for work. I don’t want to change versions to create a test vault with test data. I need ongoing access to my existing vaults and can’t put them at risk.