Large files very slow in Windows but not macOS

I am finding 2 issues with Cryptomator on Windows 10:

  1. If my file path is too long, some files do not transfer into the vault. This does not happen in macOS. When I create a vault in macOS and load the files with long file path, it works. But when I bring it over to Windows 10, the files simply “disappear”. The folder is blank.

  2. Because of issue #1, I had to zip my entire folder into “1 file”. The zip file is 700 MB. In macOS, I can right click, unzip it with no problem. In Windows 10, it takes 3-5 minutes to respond when I right click. It’s nearly impossible to work with the files.

I’ve read some GitHub posts about Windows being slow, but I think that is a file transfer issue. I tried disabling Web Proxy Autodisovery and Cyberduck, but my issues are more than moving files. I would like to work in the vault (e.g., open zip, edit a few files, re-zip, close vault). Again, no issues in macOS, but I cannot do the same in Windows. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.