Just not working on iOS

I have a vault that contains a few folders, hosted online on iCloud.
I access it through Files, which is very convenient but it only displays the root level of the vault or whatever was ever successfully loaded there (I can see some subfolders and even open a couple of files that were created recently). But now, whenever I try to download a file or enter another folder, it spins forever and doesn’t show anything. I even upgraded to the paid version but it still doesn’t work and both ratings in the App Store and messages in the community forum suggest that I’m the only one with such an issue!

I don’t know what to try to make it work. I’m on an iPhone 11 running iOS 15.4.1.
The vault was created on an M1 Mac under MacOS 12.3. It works as expected on the Mac.

Out of curiosity, inside the iOS settings under “Cellular”, scroll down to the bottom: Is “iCloud Drive” enabled?


I had checked both Files and Cryptomator but I hadn’t thought of iCloud Drive. It was off.
I had to close Cryptomator and reopen it: it didn’t seem to dynamically change its access to the iCloud Drive but now it does work.

Thanks for the help!