Issues with HiDrive Sync


I’m having some issues with Cryptomator in combination with Strato HiDrive. Each time the HiDrive desktop app performs a folder sync, the Cryptomator vault is automatically locked. If I turn off HiDrive sync, this doesn’t happen. Is this behavior expected with my setup? If so, what should I change to work around this issue?

OS: Windows 10 Pro 2004
Cloud Provider: Strato HiDrive Business
Cloud Storage Method: sync from/to local drive (with HiDrive Desktop App, uses rsync over OpenVPN tunnel)
Cryptomator Vault Mode: Dokany
Cryptomator Version: 1.5.8 (though the problem already existed with 1.5.6 at least)

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Might seem obvious, but I better ask than making wrong assumptions:

Your vault is located inside of your HiDrive-synced directory?

Yes, it’s organized like this:

Hi-Drive synced folder

Some other folder



I don’t use HiDrive, but your vault should not lock when the sync app starts. Are any messages in the log file regarding unmounting? (I advise to turn on debug mode and deactive it afterwards). You can send me the log file via a PM.

Of course, now that debug mode is activated the issue doesn’t appear anymore ^^
Although I didn’t have so many file changes in the vault as before, so I’ll just debug again when I have stuff to copy and come back to you if the issue is reproducible.