Irreparable failure

i get this:

Directory ID reused: found in /Users/studio/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-Persönlich/VAULT/d/2Y/S4FYN3G5QZJWKIZUYPDQO642QJF74Q/W25R6k0VF11X-g3a9ekNzquNFTVjacL-mc9LD_rJq4Q1GGvpt3F_dw==.c9r/dir.c9r and /Users/studio/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-Persönlich/VAULT/d/V3/NPT7LJWNKWAD4RPFGMSQOT2UHJYASF/jdqon63MFXquXkCGQzrH8TvAVmNd.c9r/dir.c9r

what can I do?

Does this help?

unfortunately it does not. i do not have a CRYPTOMATOR RECOVERY folder and I can find a huge number of dir.c9r files, but I hesitate to delete any one of them, since I don’t know which would be the right one.

ok. I simply searched for the first of the two named files and removed it. then i also removed the enclosing folder. after that the directory structure was OK again, without any errors. Maybe this will help someone. Not a good feeling to fuss around in the bowels of the cryptomator directories, though. I hope I did not lose any data.