iOS local image load


I am trying to use markdown editor using cryptomator 2.0 on ipad. Whenever I open a markdown file which has links to local images, they are not loaded automatically because it seems apps require permission.

For this particular app “one markdown” it gives an error that it needs permissions and when I click Authorize, cryptomator folder is grayed out. I talked to the developer of the app, they mentioned they are using files api so there is nothing they can do.

Any clues how to fix this issue.

Unfortunately, it indeed doesn’t work. We have discussed this here if you’re interested in the technical reasons:

Basically, Apple doesn’t offer public/supported APIs for granting access to folders via their Files API. There is actually an undocumented way to support it but that has unforeseeable consequences. We can just hope that Apple supports this feature eventually in an official and documented manner.