IOS Files App: Should unlock vault be listed in Locations?

After tapping Open in Files App, my vault is shown as expected. At the top left of that screen; the <Browse returns to the home screen of the Files App, which shows a list of available locations. Shouldn’t my unlocked vault be listed there? I thought I saw it there in some beta versions but it is definitely not showing now.

**** This comment refers to the current Cryptomator 2 production release…****

Hi. Have you checked this: Working with Vaults — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation?
Maybe you just havent enabled it.

Yes, that was it! Thanks!

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What do I do if Cryptomator isn’t an option to enable when I tap ‘edit’ as demonstrated above?

Are you using the version 2.x of the app?
This does not work with version 1.x

I am now! Thanks for letting me know about it. There are likely others like me who aren’t aware of v. 2, so you might want to add a notice about it in v. 1!

You are right, thank you! I don’t know how we’ve missed that but we’ll add a notice soon. :sweat_smile:

Sounds good. Thanks again!

I fully agree! This was the first time I heard about v 2. I’ve got it running now. It looks great!