iOS evaluation app

Not sure if the community category fits. I just had a look on the OS X version (yesterday) to check if Cryptomator fits my needs. I would not have any problem purchasing the app if I am sure to use it.

It may be useful if you provide some evaluation version of the iOS (and Android) app with major restrictions e.g. only one vault with limited size and/or restrictions of duration (by time or times of usage). I think it would help very much to convince people to buy it.

I won’t wait with my decision for an evaluation version but will do some try outs in the meantime with the OS X app. For future customers it may be useful.

As far as I can see there are no restrictions from cryptomator app. Unlimited amount of vaults, files, interfaces, etc.
The only restriction comes from the available cloud space you are using. But this is of course not influenced by cryptomator.

To be honest, i am puzzled. I saw a price tag of €5,something in the App Store. But I did not receive an Apple invoice (or I accidentally deleted it from my postbox). Did I pay something for the iOS version or was it free? Dump question, I know. Did you pay for the app?

You paid 5 EUR. iOS app is not free.

5.49 EUR to be precise.

Ok, and thats my point. I would have appreciated to get a free version with limited features so I could test it in advance. Because the iOS version has major deficits so it is not usable for me.

Well as a normal user I’m quite happy with its function so far. Lots of ideas for further releases are on github, but from my point of view it was worth the money and I would buy again.
Nevertheless user experience can differ, so I can follow your intention. Maybe you should submit an according feature request on the corresponding github page.
(Or just see your payment as an support for one of the so far best open source and free for desktop encryption solutions for online storages :smile:)

I tried boxcryptor and other solutions an none of them had more features (mostly even less) than cryptomator, and had higher and some times even monthly fees.
Just my 2 cents. As I said, user experience can differ.

It does not mean that I don’t like the project :wink:

Nevertheless my initial post was a suggestion to the project owners – also to convince people to buy it if they are happy with the current feature set – like you are. This is a common way to publish iOS apps.

The category “knowledge base” may be misleading but there was no better one.

P.S. if I want to support freely I would do so. If I need to pay for an app to find out it has major deficits it is a different thing. User experience is a soft factor – missing features are facts. It is only about if someone likes to accept them or not.

Thank you for your feedback @tomtom! I understand your points and we’re always looking for ways of improvement. This is actually something that we’ve discussed internally already. Making a free app instead of a paid app which “hides” behind an in-app purchase for unlocking the remaining features. We haven’t sorted out meaningful/effective limitations yet and it would mean a huge development effort either way.

In the long run, we might actually do this but we haven’t planned a change in the short term. I’ll move this topic to “Help > iOS App” for now.

Btw, if someone is looking for a short term solution: Buy the app. If it works out, great! If it doesn’t, request a refund from Apple.

Thanks for replying. I will consider the refund. See also my other posts – the copy / write mechanism hurts most.

Regarding the evaluation app: you could do it like you said and sure it is development effort that could be put better into features. I know about the hassle of providing free and paid apps of the same product. In my experience the straight forward solution with low effort is to build in simple limitations, see my suggestions above, and merge them in with every release.

For disappointed user the refund way could be a solution. I see it more from the motivation side: show whats possible, thrill people and make them want to have the full version.

Not pushing, just food for thought. I understood you have this on your roadmap.