Inversion of encryption

Hello - I have pretty big folders and CryptoMator adds a significant performance overhead regarding file access. The reason why I’m using Cryptomator is to backup the files in an encrypted way to the cloud, which happens once a day during the night.
So I would love to keep my files unencrypted on disk, but have Cryptomator mount and expose an encrypted view of them. This way, I can instruct my backup software to backup/restore the Crytomator mounted drives, why I can locally use the encrypted files on my machine.
Does that make sense? Does that sound crazy?

I think I know what you attempt to do. But sadly, no, Cryptomator does not have an Inverse/Reverse mode.

What hinders you from syncing plaintext between your live data and the Cryptomator drive? In theory the setup can be mirrored:

Reverse Mode

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Sorry I read this a second time - I can’t do that as I don’t control the communication with the backup disk. It is actually a backup solution, like Backblaze or iDrive, so they scan your local disk and upload the deltas. They do not expose a drive per say.

I see. Well in that case I understand why you would need a reverse mode. But sadly this is nothing Cryptomator can do.

A read-only reverse mode would be feasible. However two-way syncing would not work, as it is not possible to create cleartext nodes from ciphertext structures without strictly following a specific order, which can’t be guaranteed in this use case.