Internet access? Why?

I recently noticed that iOS app makes internet connections. Very small packets but they are there.

I am just curious? Why is this?

I would feel much more confident in the app if there was no attempt or connection to the internet by the app at all.

Could you please elaborate how you’ve noticed this? Where is the vault located?

Hi, sure.

I am using iCloud Vault and i noticed it in Settings>Mobile Data


Any update on this?

I suppose that’s iCloud Drive doing its thing then. From Cryptomator’s perspective, it’s “just” working on the “local file system” and doesn’t need internet access (when using “Other File Provider”, which iCloud Drive is part of). Since your vault is located on iCloud Drive, it probably uses internet access internally on iOS (e.g., by checking if the local data is still in sync with the cloud).

I thought this verification process should be done by iCloud Drive app itself and not by Cryptomator app. I found it suspicious.

Thanks anyway