Instabil version or problem with masstraffic

Please make sure that the program works more stable. its not possible to get a stable connection to the tresor, everytime the explorer brokes down or the connection abort and the tresor is not able to work and i must restart. now i install older versions to rescue my data because of this shit. make sure that the data dont cut in millions of little 1kb datas, such a SHIT! my ram and rom burns up! thank you

Files are encrypted individually and not cut down in smaller files. We were aware of some performance issues with Dokany in Cryptomator 1.4.0 that we improved with 1.4.2 but if that’s still causing major issues, please change the preferred volume type to WebDAV in the Cryptomator settings. You don’t have to use an older version.

We’ll continue to improve the Dokany integration. It would be great if you could tell us some basic info about your vault (size, number of files) in order to narrow down the issue. Or if it’s causing issues regardless of the content. Thank you for your feedback.

Since the last Windows Update to Version 1809 I’m also experiencing huge performance issues, no matter if I use WebDAV or Dokany as well. And only If I try to copy a lot of very small files.
(as many reported here).

I did a view tests and discovered, that my running onedrive sync client (that synces the encrypted files to onedrive) is causing this issues, that - in my case - lead to copy timeouts or years of copy time for not much more than 100 MB of 6.000 files.
After I have switched off the onedrive client, the copy process into the vault was as fast as it used to be.
For the records: a running onedrive client also prevented me from deleting encrypted vault files from my disk.

So, can you please check what windows version you are running, if you have an storage sync tool running, and if shutting it down solves the problem?