I store my Cryptomator database directly on my computer not really cloud since it has become a bit big, can I still see my files on mobile from computer?

Is it possible to mirror the database to my mobile phone so I can look at the files that are on my computer and not cloud???

You have to store the vault online to see it on you mobile device. This can be a mirror of your local vault.
Usually the vault is stored local in a folder that is synced to an online storage like Dropbox, google, OneDrive one so on.

You can not store your vault on you mobile device and access it with Cryptomator. The vault has to be online.

I’m not storing my vault on mobile device. I’m storing my vault directly on my desktop computer. Why can’t I just establish a local wifi connection and connect to my vault directly from mobile???

That really is not an option in any of the mobile apps.?

Im sorry, it’s not.
Cryptomator and its mobile apps are designed for secure online storage of files (documents).
Especially the mobiles apps can only connect to a cloud storage.
As long as your desktop computer isn’t a WebDAV Server (usually not because it’s not a server OS), I would stay at the answer: “no”

Are you a team member of Cryptomator? Do you think Cryptomator will ever consider releasing a mobile version or something where you can view your files that are on your computer instead of just cloud storage? Because the thing about cloud storage is if you’re uploading a big file but your wifi is not that fast it will take a very long time.

Just wondering!

Im not a team member, but I‘m pretty sure there’s no plan to implement a connection to a vault via WiFi. Because Cryptomator is made for cloud storage and personal document Files

Ps: its your Internet Connection that limits the Upload Speed, not your wifi connection.

Yeah, that’s basically what I was trying to say. Anyway, I might just give this as a suggestion!

Hopefully it gets implemented!