I don’t get it, files still visible, what am I doing wrong

When I close the vault on IOS. I can still go to files and will be able to open the folder an the files, which should be invisible now. To verify , I created a new vault. Put some files in it . Same problem. What am I doing wrong ?
Cryptomator 2.0 on iPhone 12.

Maybe you can clarify how you put some files in it. I know on Windows, you have to drag files into the virtual drive associated with the vault in order to get them encryted. Just dragging them into the directory where the files are stored doesn’t encrypt them.

I trink i got it now. The problem was, i dit put the files in the folder vor the fault. On ios you have to use the Cryptomator extension in the files app. seems to be like in windows. Don’t put it directly in the folder ! Thx

That’s right! You may have to enable the Cryptomator location inside the Files app, see: Working with Vaults — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation